Delivering successful enterprise digital transformations by helping avoid disconnection through building community.

What do we mean by this?

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, as of 2018, LESS than 30% of Digital Transformation efforts are successful. High Tech, Media, and Telecom are struggling as their success rate does not exceed 26%. Traditional industries, such as Oil & Gas, Automotive, Infrastructure, and Pharmaceuticals, digital transformations are even more challenging whereas those success rates fall between 4% and 11%.

They boiled their study down to various keys of a successful digital transformation, broken into five categories. Those categories are: Having the right digital-savvy leaders in place, building capabilities for the workforce of the future, empowering people to work in new ways, giving day-to-day tools a digital upgrade, communicating frequently via traditional and digital methods. We agree with this, however…

Platinum PMO takes this a bit further.

With 25+ years of navigating clients through their DX experience, we came to a realization that a linchpin in all digital transformation was in avoidance of disconnection. Meaning, how teams can be across the globe, down the road, or even in the office next door, yet somehow the communication flow pertaining to mission-critical aspects of a program or project fall to the floor. This disconnection from each other causes massive budgetary overruns, scope creeps, unneeded oversight and often collapses a program or project altogether.

Treating a program and all its moving parts (leadership, employees, vendors, and consultants) as a community is paramount in avoiding that dreaded disconnection. This was the “ah-ha” moment and paradigm shift that brought about the birth of Platinum PMO.

Platinum PMO believes that once the whole (organization, consultants and vendors alike) sees the interdependent pieces of the DX puzzle, and how important each granular part is, and making sure there is a way to thread the needle throughout, gives real clarity and understanding to it all. This is done by the Platinum PMO solution known as AMIGO. It provides unparalleled optics, interactivity, capabilities, and management of a program or project down to the work package level. Granular indeed!

Applying one or multiple methodologies is not an issue either. As one of the core values is the RACi matrix integrated within the solution that ties each project element (Work Packages, Tests, Code, etc.) and the groups or people attached to those elements, regardless how far apart they are located, by what specific swim lane, or team they are a part of.

Avoidance of DISCONNECTION by building and fostering a COMMUNITY within a DX program is what Platinum PMO is all about. Digital Transformations that not only succeed, but are completed on-budget, on-time, and as intended.