SAP Specializations

One of the biggest areas of large-scale digital transformation involves SAP. For those organizations who have made SAP part of the foundation of enabling technology for their organization you are already aware of the challenges ahead as your organization embarks on your digital transformation to S4 HANA. It is here where our Platinum PMO Digital Transformation Implementation Platform and Transformational Program Leadership can be of most value.

SAP Functional Consulting

Through our more than 25 years of experience working in the SAP ecosystem we have established a great network of talented SAP practitioners with specializations in all aspects of functional and technical SAP transformation. There are many organizations who provide this type of service. Where we differentiate ourselves is through our Platinum PMO Certification process. Not only will you be getting a highly qualified SAP implementation consultant, but you will also be getting a SAP consultant who has been trained and certified in our company methods, Program Governance approach and the use of our Platinum PMO platform.

If you are having troubles finding that “hard to find” resource to compliment your team or needs, please let us know if we can help find them through our network of certified Platinum PMO SAP Practitioners. Platinum PMO ensures these seasoned SAP professionals will not only exceed your expectations by minimizing the pain and maximizing the return on your SAP investment, but they will also be certified as Platinum PMO practitioners and will adhere to the high standards that we employ.

SAP Solution Deployment

As you can imagine there are a lot of activities that go on in the months prior and during an SAP implementation. If all of these activities are not ready to go at the same time, this can cause significant problems to your implementation. Another challenge with deployments is the months of preparation and practice it takes to ensure a successful deployment. This preparation time requires 24 hour support for months on end. As large digital transformation programs are burning the midnight oil ensuring that their solution will meet the expectations of their organization, many programs find they simply do not have the manpower and skills to support this pivotal component before their mock executions, dress rehearsals and eventual deployments. By using our Platinum PMO platform and certified Platinum PMO administrative consultants, we can help organize, plan and execute your mock cutover, dress rehearsal and go live activities in a comprehensive, integrated, mobility-enabled cloud-based deployment plan. Every one of the thousands of cutover tasks are orchestrated world-wide through the use of our digital transformation implementation platform solution, our “Digital Command Center” and execution management by our cutover specialists

Our SAP deployment experts will work with your organization to ensure that the organization Is ready to accept the new solution. Our core deployment services include:

  • Deployment Strategy and Management
  • Operational Readiness
  • Cutover Planning & Dry Runs
  • Contingency Planning
  • Prepare for Support/Sustain the Organization
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