Advisory Services

An effective, well-managed Digital Transformation is one of the most valuable business advantages an organization can have. Through effective leadership and project management, your Digital Transformation can lead to significant gains in growth and efficiency, and cost containment.

Platinum PMO’s Advisory Services provides advice and guidance to our client’s so that they can make smart business decisions associated with their Digital Transformations. We engage with our clients by understanding their business goals and objectives, gain true understanding on how they operate, and help establish an operating environment their staff not only requires, but desires to achieve within the defined goals and objectives.

We work with our clients to map out their Digital Transformation implementation strategy. We provide sound business advice to ensure that their implementation risks are properly managed. We provide quality reviews to ensure that your implementation is adhering to proper standards and that the benefits originally sought from your Digital Transformation are ultimately realized.

General Council

One of the biggest challenges facing larger Digital Transformation initiatives are the number of consulting and integration partners that exist on an implementation. The pros of this approach is that the client can get “the best of the best” talent by reaching out to many different vendors. The negatives of this approach is that these organizations may have different agendas, and cultures which may increase the likelihood of disagreement and lack of trust amongst the various vendors.

With our general counsel services we engage a dedicated Digital Transformation Advisor within your program who provides INDEPENDENT recommendations, based on YOUR goals and objectives, if and when these disagreements arise.

Additionally, our Digital Transformation Advisors have extensive program leadership & management and delivery expertise allowing them to provide end-to-end oversight of your initiative, while overseeing and assisting with all aspects of program management and execution to minimize failure and delivery risks. This role complements your existing Program Leadership and will work with your multiple partners and stake holders in ensuring the success of your Digital Transformation.

Our Digital Transformation Advisory Service is unlike any other service from major systems Integrator because each of our advisors not only have in depth Digital Transformation implementation experience in project management, execution, and overall program governance, but work independently, based on our core principals, to ensure that the advice and recommendations they give are unbiased, and are in the best interest of YOUR organization’s vision, goals and objectives.

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