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SAP Management Consulting Services to help you be the one your organization counts on to deliver your SAP initiatives on time, on budget and with all the value your leadership expects.

AMIGO Practicioner Certified

Our consultants are AMIGO certified to help you accelerate your implementation, reduce its costs, and provide you with the value you expect.

PROSCI Certified

Our Organizational Change Management Professionals are Prosci Certified.

Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified

Our Project Managers are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

value management Certified

Our Benefits Realization Professionals are certified by Governan. The Center of Excellence in Value Creation.


Platinum PMO Consulting can provide you the skills you need for every consulting challenge in the SAP ecosystem.  We will work with you to tailor the perfect team to compliment your resources and get the job done in a calm, methodical way.

Your survival guide to SAP-driven transformation.

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“Rick and his team at Platinum PMO was nothing short of amazing! The project was behind schedule, over budget and too many people involved. They hit the ground running, implemented their solution and got the project back on track and running smoothly to completion.”

James McArthy

EVP & Global Delivery Lead, KMCP Group, LLC

“While undertaking a very large and complex SAP implementation, we needed a better way to manage the six consulting firms hired for the project. Rick and his team built a management framework that gave us the transparency to view all schedules and work efforts. Helping us keep the SI firms accountable for their deliverables and resources and deliver the project on time and on budget. When it comes to program planners and managers, Rick is one of the best!”

Steve T.

Director Of IT, Fortune 500 O&G Company

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Secure your sap environments


accelerate your s4 hana implementations


sap project delivery as a service


Did you know that:

  • More than 77% of the worlds transaction revenue runs through and SAP system?
  • More than 45% of SAP applications have custom code in them?
  • Occupational fraud is very likely the most costly and most common form of financial crime in the world?
  • In the U.S, the average estimated cost of fraud is 5% of company revenue?
  • There have been major changes to the IAASB ISA315 and AICPA SAS145 audit standards surrounding enterprise software?

Custom Code that may include manual adjustments that can manipulate standard table fields, interfaces into the wrong accounts, and a significant percentage of code that is unused, old, not updated, and seldom used code for SAP ERP Systems can put your organization at risk of failed audits and even worse, occupational fraud!

At Platinum PMO Consulting, we have partnered with West Trax and their Security Pathfinder solution to provide a vulnerability assessment of each of your SAP ERP Instances.  This assessment provides you the data and recommendations from a summary level  down through each one of your SAP modules, locations, users, SAP industry solutions, and custom codein just one day!

If you are interested in preparing for the changes that IAASB ISA315 or AICPA SAS145 bring to your financial audit, while also improving your SAP system, please download this report. 


Download Security Pathfinder Document

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Accelerate your S4 HANA Implementations

SAP’s current mandate states that all its customers must move from their current SAP solution to their new S4 HANA platform by the end of 2027.

If you and your leadership are contemplating this move, I would like to share how you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost and months of effort in the Discover phase of your initiative.

Imagine that!  A consulting firm telling you how to save money on consulting fees!

At Platinum PMO Consulting, we have partnered with West Trax and their KPI Analyzer solution to provide an “AS IS” assessment of your current SAP environment.

This assessment will provide detailed insights into the business processes, data, and custom code driving your business today.

It will provide you with an assessment of your current license usage across your entire business.

It will also show you how your current SAP environment compares to others in your industry and provide recommendations for your upcoming transformation to S4 HANA.

And we can do all of this in less than one week!

With this information, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of effort in the Discover Phase of your initiative.

You will also be able to provide your Solution Integrators a complete picture of your current state environment to help with your RFP and their proposal bids for the implementation work.

With KPI Analyzer, you are reducing the risk of those “gotchas” that hit you in the Explore and Realize phase because everyone knows what exists in your environment today and has accounted for it in your initial budgeting.

This reduces the risk of you having to go back to your leadership to ask for more money down the road.

Finally, you have a clear and auditable understanding of your license use today.

This puts you in a great position of strength as you renegotiate your contracts with SAP and your options to remain On-Premise, go to their Rise platform, or other hybrid options.

To learn more, please download this report.

Download KPI Analyzer Document

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SAP Project Delivery as a Service (PDaaS)

Are you tired of:

  • Unpredictable “time and materials” invoices from your consulting partners
  • Inconsistent ways of working throughout your SAP implementation
  • Incomplete and fragmented documentation across a plethera of tools that make it impossible to get a good picture on the progress of your SAP implementation?

With Platinum PMO Consulting’s SAP Project Delivery as a Service (PDaaS) model, we provide the SAP talent, SAP program management processes, SAP implementation accelerators and SAP PPM/Implementation Delivery technology to manage all aspects of your SAP journey for a fixed monthly fee.

Download this report to learn more.

Download PDaaS Document

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Schedule A Discovery Call so we can discuss your organizations’ needs. We’ll then put together a plan of action, and once we’re all in agreement, you can work with confidence. Knowing we are by your side helping you lead your organization to success.

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Being the leader of an SAP implementation is stressful and demanding. Platinum PMO Consulting helps leaders get the resources they need to successfully complete their SAP implementations on time, on budget, and with all the value expected from their leadership.

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At Platinum PMO Consulting, we know you want to be the leader your organization can depend on. The one to successfully complete their SAP-driven transformation and provide the promised benefits. In order to to do that, you need experienced consultants to help you effectively lead. The problem is leading SAP implementations are hard work and typically fraught with chaos and challenges, which makes you feel stressed and alone. We believe you deserve to have the best talent with the right skills to help you achieve your goals. We understand the pressure you feel to deliver results and that leading can be lonely. Which is why we, for the past 25 years, we have come alongside leaders like you to provide help in areas needed and offer advice and our experience to help you succeed.  

Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Schedule A Discovery Call
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  3. Lead To Success: To forever be known as the one who got the job done.

So Schedule A Call. And in the meantime, download this FREE PDF, The Program Leader’s Survival Guide to Enterprise Transformations. So you can stop worrying about your future and instead relax and enjoy your success.

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