A real-world glimpse of how enterprise digital transformation initiatives work and how it affects the lives of those involved. Will it be too much for him to handle? Will his personal obstacles get in the way? 


Little Rock, AR — JAN 22, 2020 — The Transformation: How to use Digital Transformation Technology to Reduce Costs, Accelerate Delivery, and provide Exceptional Value is a peek inside the work of enterprise digital transformation, the volatile and difficult world of large scale business transformations and the potential pitfalls and risks organizations make to ensure long term growth and viability within their industries.

The Transformation is the story of one utility company that believes the benefits outweigh the risk and the up-and-coming new program manager, Mike Bennett, who is responsible for succeeding where so many others fall short. This is a career-making or -breaking opportunity for Mike, but fortunately, he’s not alone. Join Mike on a journey of professional and personal growth as he discovers what it takes to succeed in The Transformation.

“I really wanted people to see the amazing world, difficult choices and exhilarating wins that come with a roller coaster ride that these initiatives can be.” Said author Richard Catalano. “I wanted to present the tips, tricks, and lessons learned within a fictional tale, that would assist those either in a digital transformation or about to begin the long journey of one.”

Within the storyline, Catalano weaves not just 25 plus years of hands-on experience, but also the real-life SaaS solution, AMIGO, that his company Platinum PMO offers to clients worldwide.

At its core, AMIGO is about community. The platform spans across all roles within a digital transformation initiative. It assists with all of the processes necessary to implement a large scale program or project, with all the information that is curated and disseminated throughout the lifetime of a digital transformation implementation, and beyond. Building a community with governance ensures the organization’s community is playing by the same rules and working in harmony.

Rick Catalano, Platinum PMO’s CEO, commented that “Platinum PMO’s AMIGO is the platform that connects all of the people, processes, and functions a company needs to deliver their Enterprise Digital Transformations on time, on budget and with the value promised in their original business case.”

The Transformation is available for Kindle and in Paperback at Amazon. It is now a Best Seller and sales continue to grow with the new release.

For more information about The Transformation, visit www.thetransformationbook.com, or to purchase it immediately, visit the book page on Amazon by clicking HERE. For more information on Richard Catalano, Platinum PMO and or AMIGO, please visit platinumpmo.com.



Platinum PMO prevents the disconnection (be it employees, vendors, consultants or all of the above) within a digital transformation program that can often decimate budgets, collapse programs, or even bankrupt a company.

This is accomplished by way of our experienced consultancy and program platform that illuminates the path forward while keeping all aspects of your large-scale initiative in check — meeting milestones, on or under budget, while achieving the desired end goals.

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AMIGO is a unique toolset that gives unparalleled optics, organization, and connectivity throughout the entirety of a digital transformation initiative. More succinctly, Platinum PMO’s AMIGO can save your organization millions in resource capital by avoidance of the disconnection that leads to budget failures, program collapse, or in the worst of situations, complete company failure.

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