AMIGO is the platform that connects all of the people, processes, and functions a company needs to deliver their Enterprise Digital Transformations on time, on budget, and with the value promised in their original business case.


Little Rock, AR — DEC 19, 2019 — Today, Platinum PMO (ISV Partner) received final approval and placement on the Salesforce AppExchange for the AMIGO (Accelerated Migration, Implementation & Governance Office) platform. The AMIGO Platform integrates with the platform.

AMIGO is an portfolio, program, and or project level management platform built on 25+ years of Digital Transformation program leadership experience and gives clients unparalleled optics within a large scale initiative by being able to measure and analyze the core processes and delivery principles that allow you to deliver excellence, and consistency for everyone in your initiative (Client, Industry, Value Stream, Software, Platform, and Methodologies) all centrally located within one ecosystem.

“AMIGO has been an exhaustive approach and buildout to provide a best-in-class application for Fortune 5000 and larger organizations to better track and communicate throughout a transformation effort.” Stated Scott Roltsch, Platinum PMO COO. “We are very excited to get this into the marketplace, finally!”

At its core, AMIGO is about community. The platform spans across all roles within a digital transformation initiative. It assists with all of the processes necessary to implement a large scale program or project, with all the information that is curated and disseminated throughout the lifetime of a digital transformation implementation, and beyond. Building a community with governance ensures the organization’s community is playing by the same rules and working in harmony.

Rick Catalano, Platinum PMO’s CEO, commented that “Platinum PMO’s AMIGO is the platform that connects all of the people, processes, and functions a company needs to deliver their Enterprise Digital Transformations on time, on budget and with the value promised in their original business case.”

AMIGO can be applied within the beginnings of a Digital Transformation initiative, on through to retirement years or decades later. The portfolio level aspect of the platform gives tremendous value in terms of multiple programs and or project management, providing an ability to view across the entirety of an organization’s portfolio to make the most optimal or efficient decisions.

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This is the first release of AMIGO, with additional updates and additional options to be added throughout 2020, 2021, and 2022. To request more information, book a demo of AMIGO, or set up an initial consultation by clicking or you may contact by email at

Pricing is determined on a per basis, pending client needs, and requirements.


Platinum PMO prevents the disconnection (be it employees, vendors, consultants or all of the above) within a digital transformation program that can often decimate budgets, collapse programs, or even bankrupt a company.

This is accomplished by way of our experienced consultancy and program platform that illuminates the path forward while keeping all aspects of your large-scale initiative in check — meeting milestones, on or under budget, while achieving the desired end goals.

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AMIGO is a unique toolset that gives unparalleled optics, organization, and connectivity throughout the entirety of a digital transformation initiative. More succinctly, Platinum PMO’s AMIGO can save your organization millions in resource capital by avoidance of the disconnection that leads to budget failures, program collapse, or in the worst of situations, complete company failure.



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