Circular Economy in Digital Transformations

A circular economy is an economic system aimed at minimizing waste and making the most of resources. This regenerative approach is in contrast to the traditional linear economy, which has a 'take, make, dispose of' model of production. To achieve models that are...

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Ignorance as an Asset

I have a close friend that had gone through a very rough divorce. I know, all too common storyline, but something he said he gained from it was an incredible piece of insight. He had an older, wise and one of the best attorneys available. At the beginning of the...

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The Chief Transformation Officer Paradigm

Something that has gained traction in the past few years is the concept of a C-Suite level influencer that spearheads the large scale Digital Transformation and Business Transformation projects that are being implemented now. An article by McKinsey stated the CTO role...

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Having A Trusted Advisor

Something that is overlooked in the earliest and more important stage of planning for a digital business transformation is acquiring an independent consultant or firm that can advise companies on the prep work needed in getting ready for the digital transformation in...

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Thoughts from the Panel Discussion

This week I had the privilege of being a guest panelist at the Stratosphere Digital Transformation conference in Denver Colorado. It was so great to meet so many people who are now embarking on their own digital transformation journeys as well as a few of...

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Keep Them Doggies Rolling

So, you’ve selected your system integrator partner, third-party vendors, and independent consultants. The contracts are ready and being reviewed, and the troops are already arriving at your organizations campus reporting for duty. Wait… Wha? But the...

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