Solve the problem. Provide a solution. Win.

By now, it is painfully clear that we live in the age of the consumer. It’s assuredly a buyers market, and the buyer has many, many options.  The omnipresent technology to consume personalized, contextual information, make purchases, and run businesses are what...

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Finding a Friend in DX

So far, the push within 2019 and the app world of Digital Transformations has been around team collaboration by way of shared applications. Skype (for Business), MS Teams (including One Drive), Slack, Adobe, Google and others have all pushed hard to tie more people...

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Value at Risk: Achieving Benefits Realization

In the extremely expensive, complex, and challenging world of ERP programs, and or large-scale digital transformations, the focus trends to being four key points. Those points are delivering the program on time, on budget, on scope, and moreover with full benefits...

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Communication and Corporate Culture: OCM

Within the realms of a digital transformation, the Organizational Change Management (OCM) group is an important player in the overall health of a program. They are tasked with multiple initiatives in order to be effectual in the successful implementation. They can be...

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PMOs That Deliver Value

In today's project management world, the term “at speed” has become clear to many as being “at the speed of change.” Meaning that with so many focal points of a program/project, a plethora of in motion elements with inter-value stream (swim lane, or whatever you want...

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To PMO or Not to PMO; That is the Question

My career (and more recently my company) has been built on being an independent consultant or voice for those programs or projects that are leaders within the constructs of a Project Management Office. The reasoning is/was always clear to me, but the challenges lay...

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