For the leadership of digital transformation initiatives, this uncertain time puts a tremendous amount of resources, time, and already invested capital at risk. Delays and downtime or well-intentioned but miscommunicated information among those involved in the program can result in a failure of the program, which will cause organizational issues at many levels. Leadership is making difficult decisions, and the entire ecosystem built around these programs, not just the supporting teams, but everyone, is also greatly affected by these decisions.

For those organizations that will be having to work remotely to continue their initiatives, we would like to discuss a tool that can be invaluable to your success in this difficult time.

AMIGO is the platform that connects all of the people, processes, and functions a company needs to deliver their Enterprise Digital Transformations on timeon budget and with the value promised in their original business case.


Accelerated Migration & Implementation Governance Office

Platinum PMO‘s proprietary integrations make AMIGO stand out as an industry leader in comparison with other Program Management platforms available today.

The ability to measure and analyze the core processes and delivery principles that allow you to deliver excellence, and consistency for everyone in your initiative (Client, Industry, Value Stream, Software, Platform) all centrally located within ONE ECOSYSTEM.

The RACi MATRIX is more than just a message app for a few interested parties on a small portion of a project, but moreover, a program-wide connector that ensures ALL ASPECTS of EVERY DECISION is covered.

One view is not always another’s viewpoint. Sometimes in a DX initiative, multiple methodologies have to coexist, this is why AMIGO, at its core, is METHODOLOGY AGNOSTIC!



Organizational Transformation
Training Management
Communications Management
Benefits Realization


Scope Definition
Formal Deliverable Management
Change Control Management


Integrated Program Management
Project Definition
Program Controls
Gate Management
Meeting Management
Contract Management


Interactive Methodology
Questionnaire Driven Estimator
Project Plan Creator


Portfolio Demand Management
Executive Scorecard Decision Maker
Portfolio Analytics
Program Financial Management


Data Strategy & Organization
Data Policies & Processes
Data Standards & Models
Legacy & Target System Definition
Data Store Definition
Object & Object Dependency Management


Blueprint Capture
Business Process Procedures
RICEFW Definitions
Security Profiles
OCM Requirements
Data Profiling, Mapping & Migration Rules


Data Validation Plan Management
Data Validation Analysis
Integrated Test Plan Development
Requirements Traceability Matrices
Defect Management


Cutover Planning
Organizational Readiness
State-of-the-art live cutover plan execution


Help Desk
Production Support
Release Management
Process/Technology Compliance

With 25+ years of Digital Transformation wins, losses and ‘what the hell’s’ have allowed Platinum PMO to create a fantastic toolset that will illuminate the path forward while keeping optics initiative wide, and not only save millions in capital expenditures but also, jobs and quite possibly the company itself.

AMIGO covers all roles within a project, program, or portfolio initiative, such as:

Program Leadership
Project Manager
Consulting Practice Executive
Business Process Analyst
Consultant/Subject Matter Experts
Data Migration/Integration Professional
Application Technology Expert
Deployment Specialist
Testing Professional
Organizational Transformation Professional


Please, afford us the opportunity to show you the deep value, cost containment and initiative savings that Platinum PMO‘s AMIGO brings to the table.

We promise you WILL NOT be disappointed!


Do the current global challenges have you looking for ways to continue and or better your own DX initiative? Are you about to begin an initiative and not sure how to get it started correctly? Would a brief consultation with Frank Howard be of help?

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