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Digital Transformation Consulting Services to help you be the one your organization trust to get the job done.

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Our team of certified digital transformation consultants, paired with our proprietary implementation software AMIGO, provide digital transformation consulting services to help you lead a calm and methodical implementation to successfully complete your project and get the win you need.

AMIGO Practicioner Certified

Our consultants are AMIGO certified to help you accelerate your implementation, reduce its costs, and provide you with the value you expect.

PROSCI Certified

Our Organizational Change Management Professionals are Prosci Certified.

Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified

Our Project Managers are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Governan Certified

Our Benefits Realization Professionals are certified by Governan. The Center of Excellence in Value Creation.


Platinum PMO Consulting can provide Project Management as a Service (PMaaS), breaking the traditional billable hours’ paradigm by providing a flat fee for our consulting and AMIGO services.

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“Rick and his team at Platinum PMO was nothing short of amazing! The project was behind schedule, over budget and too many people involved. They hit the ground running, implemented their solution and got the project back on track and running smoothly to completion.”

James McArthy

EVP & Global Delivery Lead, KMCP Group, LLC

“While undertaking a very large and complex SAP implementation, we needed a better way to manage the six consulting firms hired for the project. Rick and his team built a management framework that gave us the transparency to view all schedules and work efforts. Helping us keep the SI firms accountable for their deliverables and resources and deliver the project on time and on budget. When it comes to program planners and managers, Rick is one of the best!”

Steve T.

Director Of IT, Fortune 500 O&G Company

Services Offered To Help Your Next









Independent Advisory

When multiple systems integrators are used to implement a complex Enterprise Transformation. Getting an honest assessment of how your initiative is progressing can be challenging.

Platinum PMO Consulting Program Advisory services provide you with an outside assessment of how your initiative is actually performing. As your advocate, our job is to ensure you get the most value from your Program Team and system integrator(s) and provide recommendations for improvement when needed.

So you can get the value you deserve.

PMO & Project Management

Implementing a complex Enterprise Transformation is typically not a core competency for most organizations. This lack of experience can often cause multiple delays, budget overruns, and lost value to the organization.

Platinum PMO Consulting provides seasoned veteran Program and Project Leaders with decades of experience leading and managing Programs, Program Management Offices, and Projects. Our consulting services, coupled with our proprietary AMIGO PPM and Implementation Delivery Platform, provide you with the talent and systematic governance you need to succeed.

We’ll help you deliver your complex initiatives on time, on budget, and with all the value your leadership was promised.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Most organizations struggle to determine what their strategy should be to build the best digital transformation roadmap for implementation that will deliver the results they want.

Our Digital Transformation Strategists, coupled with our Platinum Transformation Methodology, will help guide you through the process.

So you can determine which initiatives need to be enabled to help your organization reach its Goals and Objectives using Digital Transformation.

Benefits Realization Management

When working with a limited budget, most organizations struggle to prioritize the multitude of initiative requests they receive.

When hiring Platinum PMO Consulting, our Benefits Realization Consultants can help to create an objective-based selection process for submitted initiatives.

So you can objectively determine which initiatives demand your attention to return the most value for every dollar spent.

Organizational Transformation

You can build the most elegant digital solution to solve your organization’s problems, but if your users don’t use it or know how to use it properly, you won’t get the promised value.

At Platinum PMO Consulting, we’ll guide you through the users’ adoption journey using our Platinum Transformation methodology.

To capture your organization’s hearts and minds and make them committed to the successful implementation of your digital solution.

SAP & Consulting

For small to mid-market organizations, using multiple vendors to help implement their SAP and initiatives can cause disconnection resulting in delays, budget overruns, and lost value. It can be overwhelming.

With Platinum PMO Consulting, you’ll have “one partner” for all systems integrations for your SAP and initiatives. Using the best PPM and Implementation Delivery Platform in the world, we can help you navigate all aspects of your Digital Transformation journey.

So you can successfully complete that journey on time, on budget, and with all the value promised to your leadership.

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Being the leader of a complex enterprise transformation is stressful and demanding. Platinum PMO Consulting helps leaders get the resources they need to successfully complete their enterprise transformations; on time, on budget, and with all the value expected from their leadership.

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At Platinum PMO Consulting, we know you want to be the leader your organization can depend on. The one to successfully complete their complex enterprise transformation and provide the promised benefits. In order to to do that, you need an experienced consultant to help you effectively lead. The problem is Enterprise Transformations are hard work and typically fraught with chaos and challenges, which makes you feel stressed and alone. We believe you deserve to have the best talent with the right skills to help you achieve your goals. We understand the pressure you feel to deliver results and that leading can be lonely. Which is why we, for the past 25 years, have come alongside leaders like you to provide help in areas needed and offer advice and our experience to help you succeed.  

Here’s how we do it: 

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  3. Lead To Success: To forever be known as the one who got the job done.

So Schedule A Call. And in the meantime, download this FREE PDF, The Program Leader’s Survival Guide to Enterprise Transformations. So you can stop worrying about your future and instead relax and enjoy your success.

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