I cannot believe that I have been missing out on the continuing saga of an 80s classic! So I just got into Cobra Kai on Netflix. With currently three seasons to binge, what little downtime I get in a day is now GONE! 

In this, I remembered how it all began, with the master and student fulfilling the Buddhist saying of “Before Enlightenment, carry water, chop wood. After Enlightenment, carry water, chop wood.” (Or in Daniel San’s case, painting a fence.) Whether you subscribe to that philosophy or not, the meaning applies to our day-to-day. It all comes down to discipline. 

Discipline is the core of our SaaS offering, AMIGO. The toolset provides exceptional optics, organization, and controls needed within an enterprise digital transformation initiative or program. The real value is the discipline instilled organization-wide as it is not only the technology or business processes that are to be bettered but also allow people to grow and scale with these essential changes. 

Be you, Daniel, or Mister Miyagi, discipline applies to us all equally. Though the core of our offerings is different, they make up the whole. That, in the end, is the real value proposition of an organization.  

I invite you to speak with me or one of my team members on how we might make this new year one that will provide value for years to come. Feel free to watch the video below or reach out and schedule a time to speak. 

Follow the link HERE for an overview and to connect. Click HERE for a deeper dive into AMIGO and to connect with me immediately to set a time for a LIVE DEMO. Lastly, watch the 30-minute AMIGO Demo below, as I promise you will see the exceptional value, stability, and controls we are offering your organization. Currently, it is necessary to take every opportunity to safeguard not only your current resources but your organization’s future. We at Platinum PMO would love the opportunity to assist you with just that!