In the extremely expensive, complex, and challenging world of ERP programs, and or large-scale digital transformations, the focus trends to being four key points. Those points are delivering the program on time, on budget, on scope, and moreover with full benefits realization. The sword that cuts through for these programs is truly double-edged, being that they are highly visible. Executives, the board, and management will be watching ever so closely in all aspects, moreover leadership’s role in the successes or failures. In other words, for the ones in the captain’s chair, it can make or break your career, the careers of those on the program, and the future of the organization as a whole.

Choosing the right partner requires an investment of both time and effort. Many organizations do not spend enough time or the full effort required in selecting the right implementation partner. Furthermore, once your selected systems integrator(s) is on-site, how does an organization begin to successfully manage and leverage their true benefits?

The core of these large-scale digital business transformations tends to put their program’s value at risk. It is very easy for programs (and more accurately, the budget) to go off the rails.

Platinum PMO, being a trusted advisor on our consultancy side, pushes for the most optimal use of resources, the leading implementation practices, and focus on full benefits realization for every dollar spent. In our 25 + years of experience, we have placed all of our knowledge and experience into AMIGO (Accelerated Migration and Implementation Governance Office). This experience has taught us that avoidance of disconnection is centric to the success of a program.

AMIGO is a platform that is all about providing implementation governance with our integrated RACI resource chart*. Platinum PMO cannot resolve conflict, but we can hold people responsible and accountable for their specific parts of the whole. The “RACI” chart is a listing of persons who for a particular portion of a project are: (R) Responsible, (A) Accountable, (C) Consulted, and (I) Informed. Without the patent-pending integrated RACI and automated change notification functionality built within AMIGO, the impact of changes (both small and large) can be missed, causing extensive re-work, re-testing, re-validation, missed milestone dates and lost benefits—factors that put digital transformation’s value at risk.

In the real world, even if a client and service provider adopts all of the best practices, methodologies, and has a solid risk management plan, things can and tend to go wrong. No one can anticipate all problems within a large-scale implementation. How leadership and the team respond to challenges is as important a factor in project success as the ability to avoid problems in the first place. Without something that ties them together in an indisputable fashion, such as AMIGO can, the end results can be disastrous for reaching the value an organization set out for.

AMIGO is also an evergreen solution, that will be there from day one, and well into the future state that was road mapped. Lessons learned from each phase and project can be recorded and shared (in context) so the next time a team crosses a similar roadblock, the information on a better way to navigate it will be readily available—not buried in some archived folder.

This is but a touch of the full suite of powerful tools within AMIGO. To get the full picture, please do not hesitate in contacting Platinum PMO for a demo that will change how digital transformations can truly be implemented on-time, on-budget, on-scope and with the value and benefit your organization is expecting to be delivered.