A shift, even if temporary, in how digital transformation initiatives are run, has been made. How organizations look at these programs is with a worldview that was thrust upon us recently, yet at Platinum PMO, we believe it could be a change for the better.

A collaborative ecosystem breaks down barriers and reaches beyond geographical, industrial, and organizational boundaries. It allows for the enterprise to use multiple technology solutions and services to collaborate with partners, suppliers, and customers. The power of the network lets businesses solve problems faster than they could on their own. 

Internally, a collaborative ecosystem is a core requirement of most initiatives. It is not a new concept, but it is essential in how digital transformation initiatives are performed and to purposefully achieve the benefits realization within the business case of the program. The remote login or work from home paradigm (also not a new concept) allows for acceleration, or at the very least, continuation, of the initiative’s successes if done correctly.  We just need the tools and processes to make sure progress continues, program and staff changes are managed just as if everyone was together.

According to Gartner in a survey from 2019, “To support digital business, CIOs are decreasing their investment in on-premises infrastructure and increasing their investment in off-premises capabilities and new technologies. This requires portfolio management leaders to partner with business leaders and resource managers to balance investments across a diverse set of internal and external services in a much faster and more complex environment.” We are creating systems and processes for ecosystem resources to work independently and remotely for each other already.

Even though the focus of their study is toward the multiple-cloud programs or initiatives, this can also apply to a program or project as well. The study focuses on “Improving project management capabilities and maturity, providing accurate information about the “true” state of proposed and ongoing projects, and better practices for planning, executing, and monitoring the progress and incremental success of projects.”

This ability to collaborate is the crux of the AMIGO application whether staff id co-located or thousands of miles apart. During our 50+ years working on large scale digital transformation initiatives, the critical element that most often caused overruns in cost, staff or money was disconnection.  The team’s inability to effectively recognize, discuss and plan around risks and issues. AMIGO has tremendous capability in terms of communication, checks, and assurances built into its automation through email notification, reporting and especially dashboards with realtime information. It covers initiatives  (programs and projects) from the portfolio level down. It also covers activities from planning through the go-live. It is an evergreen solution that will give insight for future initiatives with robust dashboards that can see high levels and drill down to a work package. 

Within AMIGO the stakeholders’ views show the “how’s” and “why’s” of decisions made.  The PMO or Leadership views show “who” and “what for” information. AMIGO also applies an unmatched RACi module that keeps everyone informed and accountable, avoiding “disconnection.”

If your organization is facing the new challenges head-on and making a shift such as this, please allow us to SCHEDULE A LIVE DEMO of AMIGO and show how it can be your solution to ensure the disconnection that often happens within DX initiatives don’t derail all that you are trying to accomplish.