Over the recent holidays, I heard a classic that made me think a bit deeper about Platinum PMO. More importantly, what we provide to our clients. That song was Someone to Watch Over Me by George and Ira Gershwin. Though composed in 1926, it is one song that still holds up today. In my opinion, I am partial to Ella Fitzgerald’s recording of it, but that’s just me. 

I believe still that Platinum PMO‘s core is being a trusted advisor first and foremost. Both in our consulting side, as well as our SaaS offering, AMIGO. Trust is an essential key to any relationship. Especially one such as large-scale digital transformation initiatives. These initiatives are where millions of dollars are in play, people’s careers are on the line, and staying relevant in an ever-changing landscape. 

As consultants on a program, we are fighting for our clients’ best interests. By utilizing our proprietary SaaS offering, AMIGO, we instill a discipline throughout not just the program but organization-wide. Letting leadership make decisions and committing to a pathway forward will be about the initially planned benefits. 

It’s a new year in a challenging time. I invite you to speak with me or one of my team members on how we might make this new year one that will provide value for years to come. Feel free to watch the video below or reach out and schedule a time that e can speak. Happy New Year, and may it be one that leads forward with the best possible outcomes. 

Follow the link HERE for an overview and to connect. Click HERE for a deeper dive into AMIGO and to connect with me immediately to set a time for a LIVE DEMO. Lastly, watch the 30-minute AMIGO Demo below, as I promise you will see the exceptional value, stability, and controls we are offering your organization. Currently, it is necessary to take every opportunity to safeguard not only your current resources but your organization’s future. We at Platinum PMO would love the opportunity to assist you with just that!