By now, it is painfully clear that we live in the age of the consumer. It’s assuredly a buyers market, and the buyer has many, many options.  The omnipresent technology to consume personalized, contextual information, make purchases, and run businesses are what has created this new paradigm.

Companies that embrace this new dynamic succeed by putting customer expectations at the center of everything that they do while those that don’t are in danger of being left behind. Often this means that a Digital Transformation initiative is more or less a Business Transformation at the core.

“Customer success is a strategy, not a department!”

In recent years, the word innovation is everywhere—but delivering it is a different story.  AI has and will continue to raise the bar on the perception of innovative or disruptive. This innovation impacts purchasing habits for the majority of customers across all industries.

Mobile represents the single most significant enabler of the always-connected world. People don’t just call, text, or email from their phones anymore. They buy groceries, compare product reviews, solve service issues, follow brands on social channels—and the list keeps growing. Customers judge companies based on their experience as a whole—not just interactions with individual departments—and the expectancy that ties it together is YOUR consistency. 

Today, companies have to search across disconnected data sources and departments to get a complete picture of customer interaction. By the use of inefficient tools, businesses are going to continue to lag, fall behind, and become ineffectual within their industry.

So you (and every company out there engaging with a DX) should ask yourselves two simple questions. How will you connect your data, departments, and channels to deliver the 1-to-1 experiences that your customers expect to grow your business? How is your Digital Business Transformation going to accomplish this for you?

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