Worldwide, we are now coming to terms with the depth and the projected lengths of this pandemic. As I was listening to The WHO Director-General talk about “No return to the ‘old normal’ for the foreseeable future” in terms of our personal and professional lives, it appears that DX initiatives are far more critical today, and in going forward. 

Most large organizations have either furloughed, mothballed, outright canceled their current or upcoming initiatives. Understandably so, as NO ONE could tell of the scale, we were facing at that time. Yet, here we stand on the preface of a “new normal,” and there is now more than ever, no complacency if we are all to move forward. Now, we will begin to see how organizations will have to reboot, restart, and ramp up their Digital Transformations to stay alive. 

From a PMO perspective, how can this transpire? Yes, there is a tremendous amount of collaborative apps that can connect and tie people, teams, and groups together. However, they are limited within the overwhelming weight of organizing and executing a large scale or enterprise initiative. Keeping actual optics is essential in adherence to budgets and timelines, providing the benefits realizations made within the original business case. 

Our AMIGO platform here at Platinum PMO provides a way to ensure EVERY document, decision or meeting is tied back to the individuals that are working within the many streams, or teams that mostly make or break your program. Vendors and consultants are in the mix of this as well. Time Reports, Approvals, Change Requests, everything within the construct of a program is interwoven by a built-in RACI Matrix. That means that everything that one needs to effectively implement a strategic initiative for their organization is available in an evergreen state;  helping you  to deliver your strategic initiatives on-time, on-budget and with the value committed to in your business case.   

Having everything within one source of truth gives the clarity needed for best decisions that affect the organization down to the individuals within the organization. As we all have heard, many times, ONE bad DX failure can lead to a massive collapse of an organization. 

This time we are currently is uncertain. This time is also one of change, and that change will provide the amplest opportunities for growth and potential we have ever seen. I invite you to reach out to myself or my team and let us show you the value that AMIGO can provide your organization. It is so much more than cost containment, and ROI than other tools tout, but fall short. It is a paradigm shift that will empower your organization to catapult through the needed change and create a future state that is truly desired. 

Follow the link HERE for an overview and to connect. Click HERE for a deeper dive into AMIGO and to connect with me immediately to set a time for a Live DEMO. I promise you will see the exceptional value, stability, and controls we are offering your organization. In this time, it is necessary to take every opportunity to safeguard not only your current resources but your organization’s future. We at Platinum PMO would love the opportunity to assist you with just that!