In today’s project management world, the term “at speed” has become clear to many as being “at the speed of change.” Meaning that with so many focal points of a program/project, a plethora of in motion elements with inter-value stream (swim lane, or whatever you want to refer to it as) relational aspects that can derail or elevate an initiative within a single stroke of a change request, keeping atop of it all is at times a struggle, to say the least.

“The future of value delivery is a spectrum of approaches – a predictive, iterative, incremental, agile, hybrid, and whatever will come next to change how we work … Success starts with the right approach to support project delivery.”

— PMI 2018 Pulse of the Profession Report

The PMO of today and into tomorrow must become not only a guide but a true governing force. Taking a viable and vetted strategic approach to portfolio management, means flexibility, comprehension and a surefooted ability to pivot when required. This is accomplished best by aligning programs/projects with organizational goals. Truly grasping the end goal or desired future state, can a PMO be able to deliver real, and measurable value.

A PMO that (is secure enough to) empower their teams to do what they do best, within a roadmap structure,  allows the teams freedom to get the work done correctly. A secure or scalable PMO is one that leverages the talent of their chosen team leadership to deliver, with wiggle room for real-time decisions for the unforeseen challenges.  Especially when the speed of delivery is centric, and requirements are not entirely understood at the blueprinting.

The strategic PMO focuses on accountability, and measurement before, during and after project completion. This is part of what defines the maturity level. Setting up not only milestones but metrics that can be measured program or project-wide. Down to the work package level. Increasing maturity levels in a highly dynamic, digital environment are difficult. But this is why the right leadership decisions are paramount from the outset.

Business proposals should and must include measurable objectives. Focusing on strategic execution, key performance indicators (KPIs), and collaboration from the beginning will help PMOs assert their leadership as objective advisors. Executives are expecting more and more from PMOs. Rightly so, with what is truly on the line in terms of value for the dollar spent. Digital Transformation must fuel growth strategies, deliver complex programs and solutions organization-wide, or what’s the point!

The ability to pivot quickly in line with business strategy, while focusing on standardization, methodology, governance, and control when the business requires true agility, flexibility, and innovation. These are a few of what Platinum PMO has placed into our SaaS AMIGO. Measurable objectives equal measurable (valued) results.

AMIGO allows organizations an ability to truly adapt to changing market circumstances, mitigate emerging threats, maintain the integrity of organizational growth strategy while saving costs in the process by way of clear program or project optics on a granular level. Our toolset provides an actual ability to translate strategy into measurable goals, this will set your organizations PMO apart from all the others. Provides a community approach to getting things done program-wide, and covering all the bases as best as possible.

Let us know if you would like a demo of true PMO Future State by way of AMIGO. It will not disappoint!