“The only constant in life is change

— Heraclitus

Change, change, the magical fruit, the more you change… the better your organization can compete! (I know where your mind was going with that one, lol) Oh, how Heraclitus was correct in his assertion. And man, that hasn’t changed now has it. Irony?!

Used as a verb “change” is defined as “to make or become different.” Personally I look at it in the noun aspect which is “the act or instance of making or becoming different.” Why? Because true, measurable, and effective change is a process at its core. In some ways, it takes a bit of processing of grief, as to change is to let go of what was, and embrace what will be. Not easy.

Within the digital business transformation space, this aspect of “grieve and embrace” takes real planning, emotional intelligence, and grit. Today I want to briefly touch on the planning side of things. Stakeholder Identification. These are the important elements that have to be well thought out in terms of organizational adoption of the change process, as well as maintaining the roadmap and budgets within an initiative. To better understand this, let’s get some clarity on how they are categorized.

Stakeholder Categories are identified as being:

  • Those impacted by process changes
  • Those impacted by role changes
  • DX Program Team
  • Those impacted by DX Product changes
  • IT (New DX Product Support)
  • Related Programs & Initiatives
  • Customers/ Suppliers/ Other Business Partners

Yes, you are correct in what you are thinking. It’s the entire organization. Categorizing Stakeholders assists with the initial planning phase. To get the invaluable buy-in, planning, and executing very targeted communications and interaction strategy for each audience and their differing needs is paramount.

Once the Stakeholders have been identified. Continual information-gathering may result in new categories being added throughout the project. This must be taken into consideration and allowed the pivot room in order to be successful in ensuring the flow of communication aids in adoption, and doesn’t hinder or foster the silo mentality that tends to sprout throughout an implementation.

Communication is one of the key drivers of the AMIGO platform. Keeping the cadence and optics intact down to the Work Package level will ensure proper communication is realized. Change and approvals are all tied to the Teams, Roles, and Work Packages as well, allowing for timely decisions and cost containment. Precious budgets are met and kept, while stakeholders rejoice.

There are so many things we can discuss within AMIGO that will transform your initiative to gain the much-desired benefits realization level you built into the business case. All you have to do is visit our Face The Challenge Head-On page or DisruptingDX.com and set a time for a FREE 30-Minute Consultation or Live Demo of AMIGO. I promise you will see the exceptional value, stability, and controls we are offering your organization. In this time, it is necessary to take every opportunity to safeguard not only your current resources but your organization’s future. We at Platinum PMO would love the opportunity to assist you with just that!