Within the realm of DX initiatives, even at the very best of times, it is complicated to organize both external and internal resources for a program. Not to mention when these resources are on-site and coordinated through a solid cadence of meet-and-work, keeping everyone on the same page (for the most part-ish). In the past few weeks and months, the paradigm of “work” and “initiatives” have turned on a dime. The adage of “the only constant in life is change” currently rings resoundingly louder. The abrupt halt to digital transformation programs and shuttering of offices, though required and the correct decision now, is already showing the ramifications that will be difficult to reboot and or traverse in the coming months or year.

I believe that the uncertain times we are in, are like those of the past. Life, in one fashion or another, will go on. Companies must face this challenge head-on, and come to the inevitable conclusion that to survive, they must move forward. It is HOW they will choose to do so that will define the future state of not only the organization itself but also of the industry, markets, and society in-of-itself.

Reading a recent FORBES article, they broached the topic of CFO’s and the “remote” or “work-at-home” concept. Those of you that recall the “Dot-Com-Boom” era, this was a once much-touted concept that burned brightly, then faded as a firework in the night sky. Due much in part to the fact that there was no strong constraint on the individual providing optics not only to leadership but to the other critical mechanisms within whatever program or project they touched. 

Another recent FORBES article discussed a study by Blind that gauged emotional well-being due to social distancing in terms of loneliness, anxiety, and productivity levels from 10,107 responses.

Loneliness: 52.9% answered yes to increased isolation during work from home.

Anxiety: 56.4% reported experiencing increased feelings of anxiety during work from home.

Productivity Levels: 53% said productivity levels had been impacted due to changes in mental health while working from home.

Now take into account how a normalized workforce must self-discipline to accomplish the tasks required for the overall initiative and or company’s overall organizational and or economic health.

On a side-note, this era, again, in my opinion, will be a boom for the real estate and telecom industries (especially in more rural areas). That is “if” they are ready for it, and have mechanisms in place to properly handle the data influx and new infrastructure concepts that will unfold as a result of the pandemic.

My original concept of the AMIGO platform was created in what I now look at as the “Best-of-Times” lens. In light of the new normal that is blossoming, it can be applied exceptionally well within the overall structure for the new “to-be” business model. It provides the much-needed optics (from the portfolio level to the work-package level), as well as the mechanisms that keep individuals, teams, consultants, and off-shore resources on-track, on-time, and on-budget. All decisions are made timely with the Integrated Core, and RACi Matrix concepts built-in. AMIGO provides an evergreen resource and can be applied at any stage of an initiative.

Please visit our Face The Challenge Head-On page or our core AMIGO page to discover how vast the depth and benefits are for your organization, program, or project. If you would like to book a program consultation or live demo of AMIGO, please set a time on My Calendar. I hope this article finds you and yours well, healthy, and in a determined spirit!