With my twenty-five plus years in the Project Management field, I have found many obstacles, challenges, and more importantly the common thread of a successful digital transformation implementation. In this, I created for myself, and in the end, my clients a list of fundamentals, or integrated core steps. through which I have had high success rates on programs and projects, be it in the early planning stages, or if the program is “off the rails and we have to fix this” stage. More often, it’s the latter. 

These Integrated Core fundamentals below are just a brush of the topics that I cover in my Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation online webinar that will be announced shortly.  This, coupled with Platinum PMO’s  Digital Transformation Implementation Platform,  success can be achieved regardless of the project management methodology in place. The core is as follows:

Scope Identification and Budget Planning determine the scope and scale of the Organization and Resources you will need for your Program.

Project Planning and Tracking will assist in structuring your Program Plan for consistent measurement. Foresight into unlocking the bottlenecks of a Program “Supply Chain” using the Critical Chain Planning Technique.

Cost Management will help you manage your Program costs defined in your budget planning and provides you excellent analytics to ensure your are getting the value from your program that was originally intended.

With proper integration of plan tracking, cost management and rigorous assessments of the value and cost of change, Scope Management is the one of those things that can make or break your program.

Proper Communications Management sets forth the Formal, Tactical and Leadership communications within a program so that all stakeholders are aligned with goals, timelines and where everything and everyone falls into place.

Risk, Issues and Key Decisions are one of the bottlenecks that can slow a program or project to a crawl. The correct planning and processes in place for handling these are centric to a programs overall success.

Knowledge Retention and Quality Control are two parts of the whole that in the end define a Win over a Loss. What I mean is that through a transformation is happening and a future state is achieved, the knowledge accrued up til that point is how to not only understand true value retainment but how to capitalize on that base and propel forward. Maintaining Quality Control is the essence of a program or project done right.

Again, this is but a brush of the deep dive that is available with Platinum PMOs programs and platform success. I invite you to dialogue with me, both peers and those in need of a solid Win with their current or future Digital Transformation program.