So far, the push within 2019 and the app world of Digital Transformations has been around team collaboration by way of shared applications. Skype (for Business), MS Teams (including One Drive), Slack, Adobe, Google and others have all pushed hard to tie more people together within projects. Yet, they are still not reaching further than being messaging and repository apps at their core. These are good steps, however, not the solutions that are truly needed by enterprise digital transformation initiatives.

The problem is that these applications are attempting to address the core issue, however, do not encompass the breadth of complex dependencies, files, roadmaps and other intermittent ties that bind a project together. Moreover, the core reason that so many of these programs run wildly over budget and often fail completely. They are attempting to connect people, but are not resolving the full capacity of the disconnection that derails programs.

You can make it easy for people to communicate, yes. Will they? Somewhat. However, when working through a large scale DX, this constant communication must include the actual dependencies around the tens of thousands of documents created to the people, groups, and teams implementing the program, all the while trying to ensure that any changes that come up have to be communicated clearly to all stakeholders. Let us not forget how methodology or varying methodologies forced together through multiple SI’s that may or may not get along.

For Platinum PMO, this is best accomplished within a RACi matrix and our integrated core. Both of which are built into AMIGO. What’s AMIGO? It’s your program or initiatives new best friend.

One of the consistent problems we have found in 25 + years of leading and assisting with enterprise digital transformation programs, is that with all the documents, and highly skilled and talented teams of people (employees, vendors, SI’s, etc.) that it’s a dynamic environment where people just down the hall might not get the memo on a change request (that somehow gets approved), nonetheless, the teams across the world that end up blowing up within testing that causes the three to six months of downtime to figure out why it all blew up. How much did that 3-6 months cost you again?

AMIGO (Accelerated Migration and Implementation Governance Office) is our platform that ensures that the disconnection that often happens, doesn’t. At least not in your program!

Why? Well because of the patent-pending AI tactical messaging system we have built into AMIGO that instantaneously identifies, connects, instructs, sends and tracks the tens of thousands of necessary micro communications that are needed to keep your program resources up-to-date with the single source of truth on the specific domains, deliverables, issues, risks, actions, changes, decisions, project plans, business processes, design documents, etc. being developed during your transformation initiative so when something changes in another area of your digital transformation initiative that impacts your efforts you are instantly notified and can assess how big that impact is to your efforts and take corrective action.

Whew, that’s a mouthful. But just the beginning of what AMIGO brings to your program or initiative. CONTACT US TODAY to get a demo of what Platinum PMO and AMIGO can do for you. Unless you like explaining those severe budget overruns.