With everything going on over the course of the past few weeks and months, due to the Corona Virus, the world feels like everything is shaking, and uncertainty is now a part of almost all of our daily activities. Including significant project work. For large enterprise organizations, and many consulting companies, significant shifts in how projects work are changing, at least for the short term, but maybe for the long-term.  Senior executives, internal and external, are now making difficult decisions that affect how we all work, at least for now. I have seen corporations and consulting firms restricting travel, canceling meetings, and deferring trade shows and non-essential activities, even limiting the lifeblood of most programs, travel to on-site project locations.

For most transformation programs, at least for now, this can cause costly delays.  Programs will either be deferred or hopefully changed such that the new daily paradigm for the teams is logging in remotely using web conferencing, online meetings, and file sharing via email messaging and or using other data repositories. Yes, I heard that collective sigh and felt you all slump in the chair. I understand completely. 

For the leadership of digital transformation initiatives, this uncertain time puts a tremendous amount of resources, time, and already invested capital at risk. Delays and downtime or well-intentioned but miscommunicated information among those involved in the program can result in a failure of the program, which will cause organizational issues at many levels. Leadership is making difficult decisions, and the entire ecosystem built around these programs, not just the supporting teams, but everyone, is also greatly affected by these decisions. In this new climate, failure should not be a foregone conclusion, not even an option. These initiatives and programs should be successful and achieve the benefits realization that is in the original business case that it began with.  Today some tools and techniques enable a more massively off-site team to collaborate and produce a perfect product.  In today’s world of pre-configured solutions, agile methods, and a “why won’t this work?” program mentality, programs can remain on track and be successful. 

Platinum PMO‘s AMIGO platform is designed to help you accomplish this.  AMIGO contains tools and capabilities to provide precisely the type of communication and connectivity that physically disconnected teams need.  It is what AMIGO was built to do.  AMIGO helps you keep not only optics on all of your initiatives, but also is a repository of all decisions, process documentation, and configuration documents required for success.  It also allows you to track and report on time-sensitive choices that still need to be made, and provides a mechanism to see that the overall program workflow is not disrupted. The granular aspects of AMIGO help by not only ensuring a robust value proposition overall but by also providing efficiencies that create an accurate, near real-time view of the health of the program at any time, whether the team is co-located or massively disparate.

AMIGO also has native security aspects built into it that ensure that sensitive data is not accessed by anyone other than those within protocols specific to that data set—providing governance that not only satisfies regulatory aspects but meeting those required by privacy legislation as well. AMIGO provides an easy to access, cross-platform, cloud-based solution that ensures a secure connection to all aspects of the program, regardless of the role, hierarchy, and methodology employed by your organization.

If your organization is facing this challenge head-on and making a shift such as this, please allow myself or one of my associates to SCHEDULE A LIVE DEMO of AMIGO and show how it can be a solution that ensures the disconnection that often happens within DX initiatives doesn’t derail all that you are trying to accomplish.