Netflix, the great pastime and harbinger of the binge-watch, recently added the BBC show, Sherlock Holmes. In watching it, I found some parallels of common personalities, personas, and challenges within large-scale digital transformation projects. I see them both in my peers as well as ingrained within the client-side as well.

Holmes has essentially an obsessive personality. He works compulsively on all his cases and his deductive powers are phenomenal.  Highly intelligent, extremely observant and perceptive to even the most minute details. He touts a creative imagination, and keen ability to concentrate outside of exterior distractions. He also holds an exceptional ability to understand and predict human behavior which separates him from the pack.

Holmes does get so involved in his job, much like drug addicts tend to get addicted. Once workaholics gain some success in their career, they tend to leave behind their private and social life, as work would be their only true motivation, and it would be the only meaning of their life.

On the flip side of his greatness, as with every individual, some of his more negative characteristics are a disregard for authority, stubbornness, being obsessed with his physical appearance, inability to properly deal with emotions, inability to properly deal with boredom, tendency to overthink and over-analyze. He also can speak very rapidly or very precisely, failing to notice nor care whether others can understand him. Often referring to them as “idiots.”

Now in the last three paragraphs, I have essentially described almost every single individual within a Digital Transformation initiative. No, I am not trying to be an a**hole here, but trying to show that the whole or entire team is made of greatness, and with such, come the flip-side, or oft perceived negative aspects as well. If I were to ask you to close your eyes, I would venture that many individuals would run across your train of thought, and where they fall into one descriptor or another. Who’s the a**hole now? (I’m just kidding!)

Success in Digital Transformation initiatives comes from the community. It comes from a varied and wide talent base, that can come together and work in tandem for the end-goal. Knowing their part (the only true one that matters if we’re being honest, right?) is an essential cog of greatness, that is what really got the program across the finish line. Every single cog. Because not just anyone can be Sherlock Holmes, however, everyone coming together can be the great Sherlock Holmes.

The core Platinum PMO is in being an advocate and advisory in the ever-challenging world of DX. Experience, knowledge, and expertise in guiding clients through programs with relative ease, while providing the needed clarity during crucial decisions is a core value we provide to our clients. 

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