My oh my, there are a million things on my plate, and I just don’t know where to start! I’ve said it, you’ve said it, we’ve all said it before. The elephant in the room of DX initiatives is that not only is it disruptive within an organizational construct but a personal one as well. In that, there is a multitude of relevance to change management that we could discuss, but one topic I would like for you to indulge me with is Deliberate Practice.

Rick, you might be asking, what the hell are you talking about my friend? 

Deliberate Practice refers to a special type of practice that is purposeful and systematic. While regular practice might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance. 

One major aspect of being a PMO, PM, card-carrying PMI kind of guy I am, I often overlook, in the masterful crafting of plans, roadmaps, and everything therewith is that the majority of those involved within a DX initiative is NOT PROJECT MANAGERS.

What I mean by this is having the Emotional Intelligence in the distribution of tasks and in the planning phases to incorporate the learning curve, adjustments (both personal and professional) that are required of such an organizational undertaking. The many times referred to as, “Worker Bees” are the heart and lifeblood of an initiative. Yet, in their nature, NOT PMs. They don’t necessarily think like a PM or act as we might. Regardless of how awesome that truly is! *wink*

Encouraging individuals to apply the Deliberate Learning of Program and Project Management basics might be beneficial to their team/stream cadence throughout the program. I know, this truly falls under the OCM banner, and it is a good thing to keep under those guises; yet tackling this within the planning and road mapping phases, even if just in consideration of potential risks, is beneficial. Especially in regards to quality adherence of timelines and budgets during the execution of your initiative, all the way through your benefits realization on the backend of the program.

An individual’s growth path and the expansion of their skillsets is something that if cascaded down both from a PMO perspective, as well as organizational leadership, will assist in better program/project adoption. The better adoption (the earlier the better), the more beneficial the program and or project will be. Realizing the full benefits of the original business case.

The benefit to the first-timers, that we have built into the Platinum PMO SaaS solution we refer to as AMIGO®, is the assistance of a full spectrum that an initiative needs, but also provide information resources, training, accelerators, and best practices for the individual, or teams to grow with as the initiative rolls out.

I invite you to reach out to myself or my team and let us show you the value that AMIGO can provide your organization. It is so much more than cost containment, and ROI than other tools tout, but fall short. It is a paradigm shift that will empower your organization to catapult through the needed change and create a future state that is truly desired.

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