“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” — Amelia Earhart.  

Decisions at times are simple or no-brainers. Decisions can be haughty and weighted with tremendous responsibility. Sometimes decisions are excruciating, painful, or downright terrifying. Nonetheless, decisions are necessary to accomplish goals, milestones, and successful completion of, let’s say enterprise digital transformation initiatives. 

Decisions are commitments. Commitments are akin to goals. Goals to milestones, you get where I am going with this. There is a critical path to it, just as much as the road map that was created for an initiative, program, or project. Decisions are not to be made lightly, and in the best scenario, made with the right data. 

Within digital transformation initiatives, decisions are not all made at once. With the possibility of change (through a rigorous change request process to ensure quality assurance), as the roadmap discipline provides optics as you go, better decisions can be made and approved. With the Platinum PMO SaaS offering, AMIGO, you have all facets of an initiative in one source of truth. AMIGO gives the much-needed controls and optics congruent to making those invaluable decisions—saving money, resources, and time. AMIGO is what ensures delivery of your initiative, on-time, on-budget, and with the benefits realization built into the original business case. 

I invite you to speak with me or one of my team members on how we might make this new year one that will provide value for years to come. Feel free to watch the video below or reach out and schedule a time to speak. 

Follow the link HERE for an overview and to connect. Click HERE for a deeper dive into AMIGO and to connect with me immediately to set a time for a LIVE DEMO. Lastly, watch the 30-minute AMIGO Demo below, as I promise you will see the exceptional value, stability, and controls we are offering your organization. Currently, it is necessary to take every opportunity to safeguard not only your current resources but your organization’s future. We at Platinum PMO would love the opportunity to assist you with just that!