Digital Transformation projects or programs are difficult to say the least. There are so many variables that create hurdles, complexities that can slow, detract or destroy all the good that come from the end results that are so desired. Communication is oft an overlooked aspect of a well run program, that in the end will make or break projects.

Understanding not only the multi-verse of complications, decisions, executable steps, change requests, and hoards of documentation. Oh, and lest we forget the lessons learned listings from the “aw s*%t” moments that are pretty much unavoidable.

Communicating for Leadership to stakeholders, C-Suite and Board Membership is important for the “where is the money being spent” aspects. Communication to consultants is imperative for cost containment. Communication to employees that are directly effected by all this massive change, their job scope changes and all the things they will have to learn and overcome in order to maintain gainful employment is paramount for post go-live or end results and the future of the company as a whole.

Empathy is a key element in a successful program. It allows for an understanding of all people or variables of human dynamics that you may or may not encounter in a project. It allows for the humans on the project better understand their contributions, their value and their future within the new horizon. Proper communication of these things upfront will foster a more efficient and effective environment and in the end, better completion of tasks within the scope of deliverables.

When people know where they sit in a deal, they are more likely to be more effective parr of the solution.