The adage of “Change is the only constant” rings even louder in this era. Digital business transformations are solely about change. How an organization, and its people, look at change is tantamount to the transformation effort’s success or failure. 

Too often, change is viewed as a threat rather than what it truly is, opportunity. Change defined is: To make different in some particular; to make radically different; to give a different position, course, or direction to. Now, change does mean that things will be other. That also means the individual can be different as well. Not just the organization. 

One of the cores within well-executed digital business transformations is extensive preparation and training that will be implemented comprehensively. This investment is a strong belief by the organization’s leadership in its people. But many within the organization, at least initially, cannot see this as being the case. This is just fear or the perception of change as a threat. This is the emotional response of anxious or unfounded anticipation of a threat to one’s lifestyle or livelihood. 

Like everything in life, how you individually look at things, in terms of perception and alignment with the reality of a situation, is positive; the more successful one will be with the process of change. 

With digital business transformations, the earlier and more mindful development of new paradigms and business processes that are to be realized within a future state, the better the change process will be executed. Understanding that applying these new paradigms within the actual implementation will better engrain the organizational culture in the future state and lead to the benefits realization outlined in this change effort’s original business case. 

Platinum PMO’s SaaS offering, AMIGO, can be centric within this change process. It not only helps document and provides efficient and clarifying detail throughout the entire process, but it will bring individuals and teams together and provide better insight from top to bottom. 

I invite you to speak with me or one of my team members on how we might make your job easier, more precise, and more succinct. Feel free to watch the video below or reach out and schedule a time to speak. 

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