Roughly 66 million years ago, an asteroid or some other massive object slammed into Central America, creating a giant crater, and killing much of the life on earth—including our pop-culture favs, the dinosaurs. The apex life on the planet got flame-roasted or did not survive the holocaust winter that followed, like the ash, rock, and soot from the asteroid impact clogged the skies and broke the photosynthesis cycle. Plants could not get sunlight and die, and then the chain reaction in every portion of the food chain meant that anything too big, anything that couldn’t adapt, died

I just read about a fascinating critter that then filled that gap in the food chain—the pelagornithids, or giant “toothed” birds. Imagine albatrosses with wingspans of 5-6 meters (16-20 feet!) soaring over Antarctica and ruling over the oceans. Modern albatrosses have a wingspan of 9-11 feet, so these massive ancient predators—talk about death from above! —were twice the wingspan of today’s biggest ocean birds.  

I wonder if sailors if there had been any 50-60 million years ago when these giant birds ruled, would have considered them good luck with their weird toothy smiles? 

The change meant that these birds quickly increased in size, ruled the oceans, and then gave way to today’s birds over the course of time. They ruled the roost for a long time, but you will notice that we have very few birds with “teeth” running around the planet. So, what happened? Simple change. Again. Competition for food meant that those giant birds simply could not compete with those the size we have today. 

Can the same be said of your adaptive business enterprise? In a recent post on Upskilling, I talked about the incredible pace of change modern businesses face. Due to COVID-19 and other factors, technology is driving change at unprecedented levels. The skills of yesterday are long outdated, and the skills of today have a shorter half-life than ever. 

If the only constant is change, and change is accelerating, it is vital that your business take the constant driver of change into account. Consider your digital transformation and the utter necessity of having an adaptive enterprise solution that covers your current needs and provides for enough flexibility to adapt to the changes you anticipate—as well as the surprises of tomorrow that we cannot predict today. The organizations that can flex their value propositions to stay agile and adaptive have a much greater likelihood of surviving, whereas those that cannot, maybe as doomed as the dinosaurs—just ask Blockbuster, Palm, and Compaq.  

Change is coming—always. Instead of fighting it, capitalize on it. Expect it. Profit from it. We can do that through techniques like choosing outcome-based thinking to change our expectations, a collaboration that takes advantage of the collective minds of your resources, and being team-focused, so your people operate at an elevated level even as you upskill. You might need a helping hand navigating this new, changing world, and that’s where Platinum PMO and AMIGO come in.  

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